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How does it work?

Bronze Sculpture Maria Shevchenko Gallery



Art is not a sofa, that could be easily replaced. It's considered to be a long-term purchase that expresses personality, shares basic and cultural values, is acceptable by all members and matches the concept of the location.



I don't treat art as a color spot. The same carefully as we pick up the bed for comfort, lighting system for the atmosphere and dining table transmitting your hospitality, the same attentively we should act with art. What is the statement? Is it a portal to your inner world? The object of your inspiration? Or maybe demonstration of your status? All in one? Easily.

Metal Art Maria Shevchenko Gallery
70 Women Jamie McCartney Maria Shevchenko Gallery



I always compose a personalized offer integrated into your interior. It's like with a dress - you must be aware how it sits. Visiting the gallery and "feeling" the chosen piece of art is highly recommended.



The piece of art is not a mass product. It's a story. It's a part of artist's soul. Energy expressed on canvas, in bronze or marble. Historical moment worthy to be described and declared.

Contemporary Art Maria Shevchenko Gallery
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