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After more than 100 years of existence of the Abstractionism there are still people who can

say something like "I don't get abstractions, it's stupid art, I can do the same..." Seriously?

It's like saying about the language you don't understand, that it is stupid. It could be ok, only if you are 5.

Educate yourself. Read. Observe. And you can find yourself actually loving it. Kandinski, Malevich, Mondrian, Pollock, Rothko... It's the whole universe open to interpretation. Plus millions and millions of $.

Try to catch the melody of the jazz in art. Look beyond the paint. There is no "user manual" to understand it, though quick historical scan and title could help a lot.

Abstractionism is the art of intellect. Nobody has promised the life to be easy. Still think the artist should depict exact copy of the real world? Take your iPhone, take a selfie.

Can you not to like the abstractions? Of course. Not to get it? Impossible.

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