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Ali and Nino. The love symbol of Batumi.

The sculpture "Statue of Love" in Batumi of Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze holds immense significance for the city on various levels. Firstly, as a striking visual landmark, it draws both tourists and locals, becoming an iconic representation of Batumi. Its unique design and symbolism make it an instantly recognisable symbol that contributes to the city's identity.

The "Statue of Love" also serves as a catalyst for tourism and economic growth. Visitors are attracted not only by the sculpture's beauty but also by the romantic narrative it portrays. This influx of tourists generates revenue for local businesses, hotels, and restaurants, boosting the overall economy of Batumi.

By investing in such installations, the city demonstrates its dedication to creating an environment that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, thereby elevating the overall quality of life for residents.

Furthermore, the sculpture's story and design resonate beyond Batumi's borders, gaining recognition on an international scale. This recognition brings attention to the city and contributes to its reputation as a hub for art and culture.

In essence, the "Statue of Love" in Batumi goes beyond being a mere sculpture; it's a

symbol of the city's aspirations, culture, and connectivity. Its presence enriches the lives of those who encounter it, fostering tourism, economic growth, cultural exchange, and a sense of unity among all who experience its beauty and meaning.

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