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How to read a painting or my personal W.T.F


Subject matters but it's not fundamental. It's the idea, the hint, inspiration, "memoris arrested in space".


Crucially important to pay attention to historical component. It is complicated to understand the Malevich's Black Square without throwing back to russian avan-guard ideas of 1915: "I envisaged the revolution as having no colour... Anarchy is coloured black".


Open your mind to the unknown. Turn on the imagination. Fit the glasses of the artist on or try to find a link, your intrinsic affirmation of what you feel.

Here is a wonderful example, "Woman with Sunflowers" of Tania Parchouto. Black and white everted negative. Attempt to get back to basics. To rock-paintings, to children's drawings. Layering of textures and colours, mixing the black with tiny islands of high-pitched blues and pinks. Fully imbued with symbolic meanings. 

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