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Provocation in the art or the method to check your personal triggers.

My big love Jamie McCartney and his Genital Artworks. World famous creator of The Great Wall of Vagina: 8 meters long panel with 400 women participants.

Sexuality and vulgarity have been removed by virginity of white color and the pure idea has standed out: we are all different. Simple and deep.

While Women's Panels are more philosophical hinting to the lotus flower and referring to the idea of the mother of nature, Men are kind of fun :) I am sorry, boys, but I've been heard so many intimate stories and I've been asked over and over again for the details and telephone numbers of some particular models, that it made me smile all the time.

Museum level artist Jamie McCartney, limited edition pieces, ultimate quality, sense of humour and very deep understanding of the philosophical aspect of the subject - perfect investment piece if you consider art as so.

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