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Public Art

Understanding the necessity of public art and integration into the global art market are the first steps for the country to change the social rank and gain the status.

The "right" art for the people in the know is the golden key to the door of international recognition and cultural attractiveness of the country or the city.

Fully developed art market generates a high qulity of tourism. Inbound visitors attracted to cultural events have been shown to spend up to 10 times as much as visitors for sporting events.

Public art, art fairs, cultural programs and events have a wide social-economic impact. A strong artistic infrastructure attracts skilled workers to an economy creating a "brain gain" effect and making region more attractive to investments and business.

Public Art Maria Shevchenko Gallery

Public art activates the place: the district, the city, the region. Both in real live and online. It transforms otherwise mundane spaces into vibrant, engaging environments that encourage community interaction and cohesion.

It shakes the minds aesthetically, stimulates dialogue and provokes thought, sparking important conversations about social, political, and environmental issues.

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