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Art for Real Estate Developments

How to use the Art to draw the attention to your real estate project? Here are some Triple W tips to follow:

1. WHY?

Create a story that sells. The concept should be clear to the customer. The roots of the idea are simple and understandable. You can stick to:
- the historical period: Medieval, Late modern period, Contemporary history;
- art movement: Cubism, Bauhaus, Pop Art;
- the story of the location: ex warehouse or casino;
- the name of the street: pay homage to the person the street has been named for;
- abstract meaning: the Air, the Monogram.

2. WHO?

Compose the collection from the works of local artists or mix them with international ones. Locals creates the atmosphere of a home like place pointing to the roots. Foreigners add the hint of globality and flavours of other cultures.


Use both outside and inside spaces. Integrate an instagrammable art object outdoor and hide some treasures inside only for the building users.

Monumental Art Maria Shevchenko Gallery Contemporary art Collection


  • Art injects creativity, vibrancy, and uniqueness into spaces, transforming them into visually appealing environments.

  • The combination of architectural elements and carefully chosen artwork can result in stunning and unforgettable designs.

Public Art Monumental Art Maria Shevchenko Gallery Contemporary art Collection

Creating Emotional Connection

  • Art has the power to evoke emotions and connect with people on a deeper level.

  • Integrating meaningful artworks can foster a sense of belonging and identity within a space.

Monumental Art Public Art Maria Shevchenko Gallery Contemporary art Collection

Increasing Property Value

  • Well-curated art pieces can contribute to the perceived value of a property.

  • Properties with distinctive art features tend to stand out in the market and command higher prices.

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